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The principal thing you will see about wheelys cafe is the aroma. It is naturally the main coffee house where a significance is laid to the aroma, environment and the quality organic coffee. Every cafe, nowadays, pick their own themes and ideas, but none ever knew that the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans can be more than ever attracting factor of a coffeehouse.

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Wheelys cafe is an international franchise brought to India with the idea to serve the best, fresh organic coffee of true Indian roots, to people who don’t have an easy access to healthy coffee on a daily basis. This further motivates us to make home food deliveries, give people the opportunity to order online hot cups of healthy organic coffee.

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When wheelys cafe started with its success after its launch in Delhi, India, as the first organic coffee chain on a bike-powered cart, the wheelys team also realized the talks can never be always about the coffee. Therefore, the wheelys cafe also focuses on the quality coffee, customer service, and employee satisfaction. We wish to provide our customers with a friendly and welcoming environment.

India is a land of vast population and long queues, therefore, now our customers can easily order food and beverages online. With a wide range of products, like, organic hot coffee, chilled organic cold coffee, yummy thick milkshakes, delicious waffle pops, spicy red pepper pasta, butter chicken pasta, chili hot dogs, brownies, muffins, etc. Wheelys cafe brings its customers the easy access to quick home deliveries – to order online find Wheelys on Zomato and Swiggy OR happy customers can also find us at the DLF Mall of India, Noida.

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At Wheelys we appreciate our visiting customers and more than that their reviews. We believe if we are providing a service we would want to know how our customers feel about our organic coffee and other food bites. After all, Reviews take the spotlight away from the seller and shine it on the customer.

We strive to make wheelys cafe a place where people don’t just buy a cup of coffee but a place where they experience a good cup of organic coffee.

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Ever wonder what’s the best time to drink your coffee? You most likely know it isn’t a smart thought to drink your everyday cup of caffeine towards the evening. Particularly for people who have problems sleeping. However, do you ever drink your coffee and feel like it simply didn’t work?

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Science explains us many things even including the best time to drink our perfect cup of coffee. According to science, evening cup of coffee not only gets sleeplessness, it also resets the body’s circadian clock. The set of molecular signals that keeps a person on a 24-hour schedule. The circadian clock is your body’s internal timekeeper that dictates when to feel awake or sleepy. Intake of caffeine during the day perks us up and peaks it 3 times. A cycle of biological events, 24 hours of the Circadian rhythm.

Experience the perfect blend of organic coffee and feel life again in the most natural way at Wheelys Cafe. The freshness and aroma of organic coffee beans get you the best taste and great health.

Wheelys cafe even brings its customers the easy access to quick home deliveries. To order online find Wheelys on Zomato and Swiggy OR happy customers can also find us at the DLF Mall of India, Noida.

Coffee is namely the most consumed beverage in the world after water.

So, Wheelys Cafe – an organic coffee chain discusses the surprising amount of misinformation out there about the highly popular drink.

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For Centuries, people from all around the world have been enjoying the classic brewed coffee. With coffee’s golden history and being an essential part of our everyday lives, we are still yet to know more about coffee. It’s surprising a simple beverage is so misinterpreted.

As we love drinking coffee, some also worry about certain myths about coffee that have been spread or published over a period of time. let’s discuss some the most common myths and clarify the differences between a cup of coffee and the misconstructed surrounding air.

Light roasts are less caffeinated than dark roast coffee beans [MYTH-1]

Many people ought to think dark roast coffee is rich in color and robust in flavor and aroma which makes it more caffeinated. but the fact states, almost all types of coffee beans contain the same amount of caffeine, regardless of the roast.

the lightly roasted coffee beans are like to provide more strong taste than the dark roasted beans.

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More the heat, less the caffeine in a bean. lightly roasted beans have more caffeine because of less heat exposure during the roasting process.

this proves the reason why the morning coffee blend is crafted from light roast to medium roast. However, if you still prefer the dark tone of your beverage not to worry caffeine content type is small and you won’t feel much difference in both types.

A regular cup of coffee will have less caffeine than an Espresso cup [ MYTH-2]

A regular cup of coffee or espresso – ever wondered to know which drink has the most caffeine extent?

You’ll be surprised to learn that a usual morning cup of coffee contains more caffeine than a single raw shot of espresso.

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An espresso shot is served in a small, shot glass because of its thick texture, therefore many adopted the misconception denser the texture, more the caffeine. On the other hand, espresso seems bitter with cream on top, served with a greater quantity, and thicker texture (as well).

Next time, before ordering give a thought to this if you are looking for an afternoon pick me up joe.

Espresso is more than just a creamy coffee [MYTH-3]

We agree that an espresso drink is made with a special technique and is described well by creamy, concentrated texture. but there is a lot more to it than this:

espresso ain’t a specific bean, it can be roasted into the required color and any coffee can be crafted into a short of espresso, dark or light, according to the preference.

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A blend of beans is also called an Espresso. the roaster and technique used for the roasting process can vary the texture and color of an espresso. Also, it can even be used straight from the origin.

Coffee is the best to sober you up [MYTH-4]

it’s a proven fact that coffee helps you stay awake or build energy for you, however, whether it helps with sobering up then the answers is ‘NO’. the caffeine content in one drink doesn’t reduce the effects of alcohol, it actually makes it worse for you. alcohol and caffeine together increase the chances of harmful situations, such as driving or another dangerous social situation. coffee and alcohol together create negative cognitive impact.

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Drink Coffee to lose weight! [MYTH-5]

not really. if you are thinking long-term weight loss plan then skip to a healthy diet than be dependent on just coffee and caffeine content. coffee might help in increasing the metabolism rate but the results are very less, there’s not enough evidence to show long-term intake of coffee helps reduce weight loss.

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Oily beans are fresher beans [MYTH-6]

Have you ever opened a bag an of freshly roasted coffee beans, slipping through your fingers? each bean feels like a precious stone with magical aroma and perfectly roasted with shine and dark brown color tone.The coffee beans that appear darker is because of high temperature they are processed under which get the shine on the bean and this process even open the pores of the bean because of which the oil flows out. results into the oily shiny surface.


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However, with Lightly roasted beans never reach such intense high-temperature point because of which they seem more rough, dry and dull in color. Which explains, the true essence and quality and caffeine remain intact.

Oily surface or dark color tone appearance of coffee beans is not a true indicator of freshness.